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Sales Conditions Blended strips

Minimum quantity per order

1 x 40 foot container of 11.880 Net/Kg or 1 x TIR truck of 12.960 Net/Kg at the time, prices valid on spot base and prices will varies according to the market trend of raw tobacco used. Present price is valid for one month on FOB or FCA EU base.

Surcharge for very small quantities: *

< 11.000 net/Kg a surcharge of 0,25 € will be applied to every net/Kg
< 5.001 net/Kg a surcharge of 0,35 € will be applied to every net/Kg
< 2.001 net/Kg a surcharge of 0,45 € will be applied to every net/Kg
< 720 net/Kg a surcharge of 0,55 € will be applied to every net/Kg

*Note: If a customer after a one-time purchase of a grade, of a very small quantity, will purchase after such a trial one full truck or more, the surcharge paid will be credited to the buyer on the invoice emitted.


We usually load without pallets, upon request we have a choice of pallets that will be debited separately.


in C48 cartons with inner lining.

Payment terms

50% at order and 50% before goods leave production factory. Delivery delay: 15 days from receipt of confirmed payment instrument and the 50% advance with our account.


To discuss for large quantities and long-term contracts, according to conditions agreed by both parties.

Long time delivery agreements

based on delivery schedules on recall, or just in time programmed supplies. We can guarantee constant blend quality and stable prices for long periods.

Special condition

The buyer must emit a confirmation that: In his country and or the country of destination of the goods, as per custom code stated by the seller, the buyer is allowed to import such goods. That they are not subject to the payment of any excise at destination, in the state as they are received and have been shipped EXW by the seller. The seller declares that in the country of production the goods are exempt, as delivered, of any excise payment, the responsibility of such dues at arrival is of the buyer only.

Note: Flavors and top flavors could be supplied by us but separately and must be applied in his facility by the buyer.