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Swedish snus or Swedish snuff as it is called by some, is a smokeless tobacco product that you place under your upper lip. It is a completely different product than American dip and other forms of oral tobacco. Snus comes in two main formats: portion packed or loose weight. Portion packed snus is pre-portioned in small pouches (several sizes and formats are available) – it is the most popular variation and very easy to handle. Loose snus is a moist powder, which is being formed into portions (in Swedish: prilla) by hand. It is therefore more suitable for advanced users. Snus is available in many different nicotine levels and flavors. The nicotine content varies between just three or so milligrams up to a current maximum of 22 mg per gram of snus. Currently, the strong variations are the most popular ones. Many of our customers use snus as an alternative to cigarettes, as you can use it anyware and it does not affect others around you. A large number of our customers uses snus to quit smoking. Snus is a simple tobacco product – but do you know how to use Swedish snus? You put in under your upper lip and you do not have to spit like when using other smokeless tobacco products. You keep it in your mouth for 15 minutes up to several hours, depending on personal preference.

Below you will find our Swedish Snus pack x 10 portions 1 gr. offer. Before you place an order  it is very important to read our Sales Conditions.

Brand Type Unit Price Delivered Place


Saturo Gold Various tastes Bag 10×1 gr $2,30 FOB Black Sea port


Saturo Gold Various tastes Bag 10×1 gr $2,30 FOB Black Sea port